Retirement Isn’t The End. It’s The Beginning.

The day you stop working is a brand new stage in life. Ideally, a long and happy one.  But to live this new beginning to the fullest, you’ll need income.

In an optimal portfolio that’s part of a retirement plan, you’ll have the benefit of an array of savings and investment strategies. If you’ve been looking at retirement possibilities, you may have asked yourself: how does a variable annuity work? A variable annuity allows you to accumulate tax-deferred savings and then, during the payout period, provides you with the option to start receiving regular payments year after year for your lifetime, or for a specific time period.


  • Tax-deferred growth. Gains earned during the life of your variable annuity can continue to grow, tax-deferred. This means that you don’t pay taxes until the gains are withdrawn. Pay in and accumulate money now while you’re earning a salary. By the time you are receiving annuity payments, you could be in a lower tax bracket.

  • Protecting your beneficiaries. A variable annuity offers a number of options that can help you give your beneficiaries a form of financial protection, typically referred to as a death benefit, in the event that you die during the accumulation period, before you have begun to receive payments. 

Guardian Investor ProSeries Variable Annuities℠

Guardian Investor ProSeries Variable Annuities℠ enable you to invest in the markets through a diverse array of investment options. To help you create an optimal portfolio, the ProSeries Variable Annuities offer more than 30 choices across four distinct strategies, including alternative investments.

You can also choose to add on an income rider (at no additional fee) at purchase. It allows you, after two years of ownership, to turn gains and portions of your initial investment into a guaranteed fixed income stream that is unaffected by the market and accessible at a future date.



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