Universal Life Insurance: The Flexibility To Follow Your Own Path

Want the flexibility to decide your own priorities and accumulate cash value, but still maintain your insurance coverage at all times? Many universal life insurance policies offer you the ability to vary your payments, while having cash value growth potential. If you like choice, this option allows you to adjust to your life circumstances.

What’s Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life, a type of permanent insurance, is designed to offer insurance for your entire life, as well as cash value accumulation. Universal life allows for a higher degree of flexibility. This type of policy might suit you if you’re envisioning significant income fluctuations or you foresee that you may need the ability to vary your payments.


  • Lifetime protection. You’ll be covering yourself with life insurance to protect your loved ones. This coverage is permanent, and the protection does not expire at the end of a set term.

  • Cash value accumulation. Since universal life is permanent insurance, you’ll have a built-in “good savings habit.” The cash portion, as it accumulates, will earn interest that will build up over time.

  • More flexibility in payments. The money you pay-in every month to purchase your insurance coverage is called the “premium.” In a whole life policy, this premium is a fixed payment of a set dollar amount.  In a universal life policy, you can alter those payments.

  • Tax advantaged. The interest that accumulates within your account is not taxed while it’s building up, meaning the accumulation may be faster.

  • Option to enhance your features. With the added flexibility of universal insurance policies, a number of options, or “riders,” can be selected. These choices are customizable to provide you with policies aligned with your particular needs.

Variable Universal Life: The Potential To Grow Your Cash Savings

Variable universal life insurance is another form of permanent life insurance. It shares features with universal life, but offers one key difference: the ability to invest in the market.

The cash value of your variable policy – in other words, that portion that accrues as an asset – may be invested in the market through a separate account. This means you’ll have the potential to increase that cash value if the market rises. However, you'll also bear all risks associated with investing in the market, including the risk of losing the original amount you invested (your principal). 



  • Lifelong life insurance coverage. Variable universal life insurance is built to provide coverage throughout your entire lifetime.

  • Cash-value accumulation. As with other forms of permanent insurance, you have the potential to build a cash asset. If the cash value grows, you may be able to skip paying premiums while still keeping your insurance coverage, depending upon whether your cash value meets certain requirements. 

  • Multiple investment choices. We offer an array of investment choices to suit your risk tolerance. 



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