Create The Retirement You Want

Everybody’s different, but in retirement, everyone needs income. An income annuity creates guaranteed cash flow. Take a look at immediate annuities if you need income right away. If you have time, deferred income annuities might suit you better. It’s your future. We can help you find the one you want.

Immediate Annuities: Income Now

Remember all that money you’ve been saving for retirement? Ever think about what you’re going to do with it once you stop working? Consider a way to provide yourself with income for the rest of your life.

An immediate annuity provides a stream of income, or annuity payments, to you from a single lump-sum that you give to an insurance company when you buy the annuity contract. The insurance company, in turn, makes payments to you for a set amount of time, or for the rest of your life – depending upon your preferences. These payments are guaranteed by the insurance company to last for the time period you’ve chosen. It’s important to pick a reputable insurance company that you can count on.


  • Single lump-sum payment. All it takes is one payment to set up a guaranteed lifetime income annuity stream.

  • Guaranteed income. With our Immediate Annuities, you can pick a period of five years or more, or choose to get income for life. The payments will never decrease – regardless of economic conditions or market performance.

  • Opt for the payment schedule that suits you. It’s your choice: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. (Please note: the schedule, once selected, may not be changed during the life of the annuity.)

  • Increase the income payments you receive. You can purchase an Immediate Annuity with an option, at no additional cost, that will increase your income each contract year by a simple interest amount of up to 5%. Note that your income during the beginning years will be lower than if you had purchased the annuity without this feature. However, income will increase over time and will eventually result in higher income payments to you. 

Deferred Income Annuities: Build A Future Income Stream

How long is it before you plan to retire? If you’re investing, a lot can happen to your savings during this waiting period, such as negative or flat market returns. Plus, there can be a temptation to deplete your savings in other ways.

Consider a Deferred Income Annuity, which allows you to use today’s savings to help remove these risks from your retirement plan.  You can also count on a guaranteed lifetime income, starting when you’ll need it the most – retirement. The income can last for your lifetime and a loved one’s lifetime, if desired.


  • Gain confidence about retiring. From day one, you will know the amount of future lifetime income you’ll be receiving.

  • Eliminate exposure to market risk. Your future annuity payments are not affected by market performance and will last for your lifetime, removing the risk of outliving this income source.

  • Start saving earlier. Pay in now, when it makes sense. Cash in later. Instead of waiting until you’re older to purchase an annuity, lay the groundwork for your future - now. This can have tax advantages, too.

  • Opt to increase your future income. You can purchase additional lifetime income at any time up until 13 months before your income payments are set to start. All amounts will be combined into one payment when you start to receive your annuity income.

  • Choices that fit your life stage. Your deferred annuity can be purchased with a wide range of features that can match your needs today, or in anticipation of needs changing in the future. We can help you customize your annuity to fit your life.



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