There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Certainty

Financial markets have their ups and downs, bringing about uncertainty. But in prepping for retirement, reliability may be more appealing to you. When people talk about stable financial products, you may hear: What is a fixed annuity? A fixed annuity is a contract with an insurance company that provides a guaranteed rate of return each year on your premium (the amount of money you contribute to the annuity). Using a fixed annuity to help build reliable assets for your retirement may give you the confidence you’ll need in this upcoming stage of life, as well as access to income when you need it.

For example, the Guardian Fixed Target Annuity℠ offers a guaranteed rate of return for three-to-ten year periods (may not be available at all times). You can select the time period that best fits your retirement time frame.


  • Dependability. Along with the guaranteed interest, your principal (the money you paid to buy the annuity) is guaranteed to stay intact unless you make withdrawals or decide to end the contract early. 

  • Tax-Deferred Growth. The interest you earn during the life of your annuity grows tax-deferred, which means you don’t pay taxes on the interest until you withdraw it. This may provide a tax advantage, especially if you begin to make withdrawals when you’re in a lower tax bracket. 

  • Compounded Growth. All interest that remains in the annuity also earns interest. This is called “compound” interest. This growth can continue for as long as you hold your annuity (subject to age limits). 

  • Guaranteed Income. After the first year, you can convert the amount in the annuity into a guaranteed stream of fixed income for a specified period of time, or even for the rest of your life, if you choose. 

  • Flexible Withdrawals. You may withdraw the money in your annuity at any time as a single withdrawal, or through scheduled payments. A charge of up to 7% may apply to withdrawals. 

  • Opt to Renew. We offer an array of renewal options that can continue to provide you with guaranteed growth after your initial interest rate period expires. 



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